Profile of Exhibits

Profile of Exhibits

All Industry :

  • Fine & Specialty Chemicals
  • Adhesives / Catalysts/ Basic chemical bulk drugs Chemical Intermediates/ Cleaning chemicals
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Cosmetic Chemicals
  • Detergent Raw Materials
  • Dyes and dye stuffs
  • Electro Chemical
  • Electroplating chemicals
  • Fertilizers
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Food Chemicals
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • Laboratory chemicals
  • Oil Field chemicals
  • Performance chemicals
  • Petrochemicals
  • Processing Chemicals
  • Textile Chemicals
  • Agro Chemicals
  • New Chemical Materials
  • Chemical Equipment & Engineering
  • Chemical Control Apparatus & Instruments / Equipment
  • Chemical Processing Equipment / Machinery.

Textile :

(a) All kinds of dyestuff and pigment, disperse dye, acid dye, reactive dye, basic dye, direct dye, vat dye, Sulphur Dye, Indigo blue, sulfureted black, organic pigment, printing plasm, color dyestuff, etc;

(b) Various Dye intermediates;

(c) Textile, Dyeing and Finishing Auxiliary: dye dispersed/ water treatment/ preparative treatment/ printing treatment/ printing behind treatment/ treatment and machining auxiliary, inorganic pigments and ore stuff, organic impregnant, surface active impregnant, printing auxiliary, environmental and functional style auxiliary, etc;

(d) Other Auxiliary : Chemical fiber monomer, activator, chemical fiber oil auxiliary, supple auxiliary, bond, finishing auxiliary and other chemicals;

(e) Textile Industry environmental technology, quality authentication system and relative apparatus and equipments, etc

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